21 Times Hello Kitty Looked Good Enough to Eat

It turns out that Hello Kitty is absolutely delicious

You thought you had seen everything, with Hello Kitty fan art as well as absolutely ridiculous merchandise (and let’s not forget the Hello Kitty cafe), but all that was just the beginning. What about all the Hello Kitty food out there? Just wait ’til you see what people have been cooking (well, except for the art pieces — you’ll see).

Hello Kitty Stew


Perfect to warm you up, if only it was made of delicious beef stock and not clay.


Hello Kitty Ice Cream


Nothing like a nice cone of ice cream on a hot day, especially when it’s your favorite kitty in a lovely shade of green. This one’s another art piece made of clay, but it’s a crime if something like this doesn’t show up in the Hello Kitty cafe sometime soon.


Hello Kitty Cake


Celebrate your birthday, an anniversary, or just being a (kitty) cat lady with this beautiful cake.


Hello Kitty Pineapple Tarts


These are so cute and you can actually eat them. According to their maker, these are melt-in-your-mouth flaky pastry cookies with a sticky sweet pineapple jam filling.


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