Popup Lighting Returns With a New Animal LED Lamp – a Peacock

Another year, another holiday season, another more sustainable animal head for your wall! Popup Lighting makes some pretty neat LED lamps, including this cardboard deer’s head from last year. Well, they must have sold a lot of them, because they got fancy on us this year! They’ve upgraded to a steel and aluminum construction, and they’ve used the fanciest of animals to show it off.

The Peacock lamp works like the Deer Head lamp did — hang it up, and the lights inside will shine through the frame and throw some cool patterns on the wall. In this case, the lights create a glowing peacock’s tail behind the frame, and with the sleek metal build, we have to say the whole thing looks pretty sharp!

The only problem is that the power cord will take away from the effect a bit — that’s not the kind of peacock tail we want to see. There’s no simple way around that besides getting a color-matched cable cover for your wall, but for more adventurous types, there is a way. The lamp can be hardwired into the home’s existing wiring, hiding wires completely and allowing you to turn the lamp off and on with a light switch.


Going from cardboard to steel and aluminum has, understandably, increased the price somewhat. Popup Lighting is selling the Peacock LED lamp now for $190 in black, white, silver, gold, blue, or pink.