The Kérastase Hair Coach Is A $200 Smart Hairbrush That Listens To You Brush Your Hair

Just in case you miss your Mom telling you to be gentle on your hair, the Kérastase Hair Coach Smart Brush will do it for you. Surprisingly high-tech for a hair brush, this product uses a microphone, accelerometer, load axis cells, and conductivity sensors to collect information about your brushing technique. The brains behind this are from beauty behemoth L’Oreal and Gadget extraordinaire Withings.

As we all know split ends are bad and those come from hair breakage. The microphone literally listens to the sound of your hair as you brush and the other sensors collect info on the pressure with which you brush ultimately leading to helpful insights on how to manage your hair better. The accelerometer and gyroscope pick up on your brush patterns, counting brush strokes, and providing haptic feedback in you need a reminder to let up on it.

You can use this Smart Brush on dry or wet hair since the conductivity sensor knows which one it is and is splash proof. All of this info automatically syncs over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the dedicated app that quite intelligently factors in other factors that could be affecting the state of your hair such as weather conditions. With all this information it can provide you with tips from the world’s leading hair care experts leading your hair to be the best version of itself it can be.

Now whether or not that information is worth the $200 it will retail for is up to you. It won’t be available for purchase until Summer 2017 so you have some time to think about it. You can find it over at Withings when that time comes.