This Smart Coaster Alerts You if Someone Tampers With Your Drink

Using a simple method, Brio can let you know on your smartphone if anyone has touched your drink at a bar.

In personal safety tech, there’s never going to be one gadget that solves every problem. Fortunately, there are tons of gadgets and apps that can help in different situations, and now we can add Brio to the list. Brio isn’t the most sophisticated gadget we’ve seen, but the concept is simple and reliable enough to where it might deserve a place in your handbag next time you head out.

Brio is pretty simple — it’s a coaster with a ring of LED lights and an accelerometer. Using a Bluetooth connection, the coaster can sync up to an iOS app (Android coming later this year) to push out alerts. The idea is that when you leave to use the restroom, you can put Brio on top of your drink and activate guard mode — Brio can then detect when it’s been moved and send an alert to your phone.

It’s not the most convenient solution — you’ll have to remember to bring the coaster with you and activate guard mode when you leave. There might be the risk of a lot of false alarms in particularly crowded bars and clubs, too. But, if it works once, it more than pays for itself.

Brio has also created its own social network for Brio users to contact each other, but that’s asking for a really high and really concentrated adoption rate for the coaster — maybe that’ll happen, but it’s unlikely. At worst, that’s just an unnecessary feature of the app. The safety concept itself seems pretty rock solid, and that’s what’s important.

If you want to try Brio out for yourself, you can buy one directly from the company now for $40.

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