23 (More) Glamorous Disney Inspired High Heels and Boots

These shoes will make your feet feel like fairy tale royalty.

Can’t get enough Disney heels? Our original article just wasn’t enough so we rounded up 25 more great Disney-themed heels. These outrageous shoes are covered in everything from crystals, to glitter, and gems, that sparkle away to help you show off your love of all things Disney! Get ready for even more magical nights!

Aladdin Crystal Heels


Genie would be proud of these heels! They’re decked out in Swarovski crystals that form the palace along with silhouettes of Jasmine and Aladdin. They are good enough to use your very last wish on, but luckily, they’re available on Etsy.

Etsy Shop: RecluseColony – about $185

Disney Princess Low-Mid Heel


You can dance the night away with the Prince in these adorable heels. Snow White’s the model here, but these can be ordered with any Disney princess. Well, they can be ordered with any pattern, but why it would it not be a Disney princess?

Etsy Shop: SweetKicksUK – about $120

Cheshire Cat High Heels


Ok, the Cheshire Cat may not be a princess, but his very own glitter heels certainly are Princess-like. Perfect for showing off your love of all things Carroll, these make a huge statement — that “we’re all mad here.”

Etsy Shop: GlamAndGloryLab – $140.00

Belle Inspired Satin Bridal Shoes


Be the Belle of any ball with handmade heels enveloped with satin and freshwater pearls. The subtlety of this design will make these heels perfect for weddings or Disneybounding.

Etsy Shop: SeriouslySassyx – about $200

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