These Lisa Frank Pajamas Will Have You Dreaming of Unicorns

The rise of Lisa Frank continues at Target.

We’ve diligently covered the sudden Lisa Frank resurgence of the past couple years, which has seen an athleisure line, a coloring book, and the announcement of an upcoming movie. Target’s now doing their part by carrying the kind of comfy Lisa Frank pajama collection that neon dreams are made of.

Right now, you can find a couple of pajama sets and three nightgowns at Target, all reasonably priced. Well, you can if they’re not already sold out by now, which might not be the case given Lisa Frank’s (the whole ’90s, really) popularity surge.

The nightgowns feature Markie the unicorn, Forrest the tiger, and Echo the dolphin, while the pajama sets go for super bright unicorns and kisses. The only downside might be that the neon is so bright, the pajamas end up giving off their own light and keeping you awake. Might be worth it.

The nightgowns are $15 and the pajama sets, which include shorts and a top, are $18, so as usual, Target delivers the low-cost awesome goods. I don’t know how Target is supposed to compete with the Amazon juggernaut these days, but I know this is a pretty good start.

Via Refinery29