Polaroid Analog Instant Photography is Finally Returning in the Polaroid Originals OneStep 2

The Impossible Project has finally made realized their dream of reviving the original style of Polaroid instant photography.

A retro movement nearly a decade in the making has finally reached its culmination. While Polaroid has been busy staying alive by lending their name to digital instant cameras, the Impossible Project has been loyal to the analog ideal, preserving and selling original Polaroid film and cameras. This week, the two movements came together. The Impossible Project now has the rights to rebrand itself as Polaroid Originals, and they’re celebrating with the first new Polaroid analog instant camera in a long time — the OneStep 2.

The OneStep 2 name is a reference to the Polaroid OneStep, the original analog instant camera that was released 40 years ago. The Impossible Project, now Polaroid Originals, is bringing that camera into the present. Based on the work they did with their own I-1 camera last year, Polaroid Originals has built the OneStep 2 to be in line with the original design of Polaroid’s cameras, giving us an adorable camera with a huge flash and those instantly recognizable rainbow stripes. The camera uses the same kind of photo paper that the Impossible Project salvaged from Polaroid’s factories when the brand abandoned analog instant photography nearly ten years ago, then adapted for that I-1 camera.

And make no mistake — when we call this camera retro, we mean it. There are no connected features, no touchscreens, none of that modern stuff. You just snap a picture, grab the photo, and get to shaking. You can get different kinds of photo paper for color or black and white photos, and that’s about it!

The Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 is available for preorder starting today for $100 and will ship out to customers and retail locations on October 16. Not bad, but if you want to have some fun with analog instant photography again, it’s the film that’s killer — eight-packs of I-type film cost $16 each.

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