Borderline Psychotic Celeb Diet Tips

They say nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, but I’m not sure I agree, especially living in a world where there is mac and cheese. I’m sorry, I can’t go a week without eating it and I don’t even care to. Luckily, I’m not a celebrity, and my job doesn’t rely on me to be ultra skinny, but we can’t say the same for celebrities. I can neither confirm nor deny the following celeb diet tips are sure to shed pounds, but I can tell you they’re all borderline psychotic. Don’t try these at home, unless you’re alone! Your family might just disown you.

Drink Up! 

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Marilyn Monroe, what an icon! I’m sure most of you know general trivia about her, but have you ever heard about her crazy diet tip? It pretty much resembles breakfast similar to yours or mine; with one huge difference. Marilyn claimed to consume warm milk with raw eggs whipped into it every morning. Yeah, nauseating, right? Is this kind of like the original protein shake? I don’t even think you can pinch your nose and get this down faster.

Most of us eat eggs or milk for breakfast, but certainly not together, and I can’t think of one person that eats raw eggs. Ew. “I have been told my eating habits are absolutely bizarre,” she told Pageant Magazine back in 1952. We agree with you there, girl.

We Found Victoria’s Secret

Instagram: @adrianalima

We found Victoria’s Secret, but we haven’t found an explanation as to how nobody has collapsed while prancing down the VS runway after following this diet tip. Adriana Lima, one of the VS knockouts, owns up to following a ridiculously strict diet nearly 365 days a year. The only time she deviates from this is in the 9 days prior to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

What does Adriana do that’s so different from the rest of her year? She told the Telegraph that she exclusively drinks protein shakes nine days out from the show. She doesn’t eat any solid foods at all, but her protein shakes do include powdered eggs and she does consume a myriad of supplements, vitamins, and a gallon of water per day. Once she hits two days out, she gets rid of her gallon of water a day and continues to drink normally. Once she is twelve hours out, she stops drinking entirely to really slim down and get runway ready. Wow, imagine the willpower it takes to do all of this!

Skip Popping Bottles; Pop Placentas Instead

Instagram: @januaryjones

January Jones, our favorite actress from the hit tv show Mad Men, is a pill popper…of the placenta variety. Yes, she pops pills made of her own placenta. After the birth of her son Xander Dane, she had her placenta dried out, crushed up, and made into pills.

Why did she do this? To help shed all that baby weight of course. Can someone call Jan and asked if that worked? I’m not about to have a baby or go hunt down one of these sacks for the health benefits. It’s just too gross for me!

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