Check Out Some of These Realistic Pokemon You Might Not Have Seen Before!

Realistic Pokémon has become something of its own genre, and we’re totally down with it! But, there’s a whole lot of Pikachu, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur out there — what about the other pokes in the herd of 807 (yes, 807)?

Don’t worry, artist Karolina Twardosz of Poland still has her takes on the classics! Her series of realistic Pokémon strips away the cartoony veneer, giving us an idea of what these pokes would look like if they were actual fighting monsters. She also gives us a look at some of our lesser known favorites, including the starters from other generations! Check them out, then be sure to look at the rest of her work on DeviantArt and see her latest on Twitter.


Here’s a more scaly Ivysaur, looking a bit like a dinosaur with Gremlin ears!


Not as cute, but we still like Mudkip!


Realistic Meganium really drives home how sweet the idea of a flower mane is!

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