Here’s How Pokémon Would Look as People!

What would happen if instead of pocket monsters, Pokémon were just really eccentric people? Looks like they’d be pretty fun to hang out with, assuming they don’t also have to live in Poké Balls!

This is the Pokémon Gijinka series from artist Tamtamdi. Gijinka refers in part to giving monsters or objects human qualities, and that’s just what Tamtamdi has been doing with her art from the past few years. The result? Some really great, expressive sketches that give Pokémon whole new personalities.

If you like these, you can see more of Tamtamdi’s work on DeviantArt, or get updates by following the artist’s Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts!


I can imagine Alakazam filling up theaters in Vegas with psychic spoon magic shows.


We’re pretty sure Mewtwo here is staying true to his roots — lab experiment gone wrong. I think that makes him a comics-style supervillain?

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