These Pokémon Eye Makeup Looks Are Musts for the Pokémon Go Faithful

We always love a good fan art series, but we’re even more interested when someone uses their own face as the canvas! Amberly Jane has been doing a series of eye makeup looks based on Pokémon since the middle of summer, and they’ve just been getting better and better. She joins a couple other really talented makeup artists having fun with Pokémon these days, and we’re loving it!

If you want to try these looks out for yourself the next time you go on a Pokémon Go hunt, good news! You can head over to the artist’s Instagram page, where she’s got a full list of all the products used for each look! She’s also got a few Harry Potter and other video game-inspired looks you should definitely check out!


Our favorite part about her work is how more detail is revealed when the eye is closed. Squirtle’s little shell appearing is the best example!


We kinda like the idea of the eye standing in for Gyarados’ gaping mouth!

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