Here’s What’s New on Netflix in January – Some Good Older Movies for a Change!

New year, new Netflix. Actually, old — most of our Netflix highlights have been original series lately, but January brings back some pretty terrific classics that you’ll want to check out while you get the chance! There’s some originals you’ll want to check out, too, but we wouldn’t blame you if you got in on the old stuff before Netflix cruelly yanks it away again. Here are our recommendations, plus a full list of what’s new on Netflix in January at the end.

Wedding Crashers – January 1

If it’s not at the top of the list of ’00s comedies, Wedding Crashers is at least in the conversation. The firs movie most people think of when they think Vince Vaughn and/or Owen Wilson, it’s probably our the best performance Vince Vaughn has ever given as that Vince Vaughn character he always plays. It also ends with two couples getting together and the villain comically foiled, so it’s practically Shakespearean! Can’t go wrong.

The Godfather – January 1

One of the all-time greats. I guess you could refuse the offer of The Godfather on demand, but why would you? The drama is top-notch, but if nothing else, stay for the scene where Clemenza teaches Michael how to make tomato sauce with sausage and meatballs, which I can assure you is the correct method. I promise it is better than any recipe you will find online. The Godfather Part II is going up, too! Part III is being uploaded, too, but you could also do what I do and pretend it doesn’t exist.

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