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Alexa is Getting a Potty Mouth Thanks to Kohler

Sometimes, when a tech thing gets very popular, lots of companies get very excited and have big ideas. Often, those ideas are toilet. But, rare and precious are the times when those ideas are literally toilet.

Such are the goings-on at CES in Vegas this week, where Kohler has put forward not just a smart toilet, but a whole smart bathroom ensemble. I’d joke more, but to be honest, I kind of feel bad for Alexa if this is the future she’s headed for.

Kohler’s Voltron of a smart bathroom is made up of a mirror, a shower, and a toilet, all powered up by the smarts of Alexa and the Kohler Konnect system (a little Mortal Kombat for us, but it’s their show). Kohler didn’t say specifically how much everything would cost or when it will be available, but I’d think about most of these things in terms of many thousands.

Alright, let’s dive in! Not into the toilet, preferably.

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