Why I Blow All My Money On Herve & How To Get One For Less Than 1K

If you have never slipped into a bandage dress, I guarantee you have at least seen one in the media. With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton, and Katy Perry among their client list, Herve Leger is quite well known and their reputation has been built upon their signature bandage dress.

The average price of an Herve Leger runs well over $1,000 dollars (basically my rent check every month), and is it really worth the price? What’s all the hype about anyway? Read on to find out why I blow all my money on Herve, and how to get yours for less than $1k.

The History


Herve Leger was created in 1985 by designer Herve L. Leroux. The brand was an overnight success after the launch of the bandage dress, the perfect curve tamer! “My dresses are designed for women who are at ease with their bodies,” Léger told Vogue.

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