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Sweeter Than Candy: Our Parenting Editors’ Top Easter Basket Picks For Kids!

The Easter Bunny will be proud!

Easter is a exciting holiday for children, and in terms of candy it ranks up there along with Halloween. A healthier alternative are these picks from our Chip Chick Parenting Editors! Check out these toys that are sweeter than candy. The Easter Bunny will be proud, and your child or children will be thrilled to receive any of these amazing toys!

Audubon II Baby Chick Stuffed Animal

Chicks and Easter go together like peanut butter and jelly. This sweet chick is so realistic and was developed with approval from the Audubon Society (the Audubon Society focuses on protecting birds and their habitats). The chirping this chick makes when you squeeze him comes directly from Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s wildlife recordings! How cool is that? We love stuffed animals that also educate children!

Wild Republic -$8.49

Barbie Pizza Chef

Some of our Chip Chick Parenting Editors grew up playing with Barbie, and she’s still our favorite today! This incredible detailed set features Barbie as a pizza chef! The oven has working features that mimic a real one, the little mini fridge below the counter can hold some of the drinks she comes with, and there is even dough to roll out for pizzas! How fun and creative!

Mattel– $29.99

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