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No MBA? No Problem! Here Are 8 Ways To Get Ahead & Build Wealth Without One

No MBA? No Problem!

Learn To Sell

Welcome to capitalism, where sales are the beating heart. Sales skills are crucial to you moving up in life, and a key competitive edge. I highly recommend you take a job early in life that is sales oriented. It’s the best thing you can do. You’re going to need sales skills if you intend to be an entrepreneur and launch your own business, you’re going to need them if you want to be at the C-level of a company; there’s basically no situation where you will not need sales skills.

If you have an amazing idea, and you can’t sell it, you’re not going to make it. If you work at a company and don’t sell the ideas or values to your customers, you’re not going to succeed. If you don’t sell yourself and treat yourself like a valuable product or service, you’re not going to get that job. Learn to sell.

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