Here’s How You Can Track Your Steps Using Your Apple Watch

How to track your steps with your Apple Watch

My fiancé got me an Apple Watch for Christmas, and I’ll admit, I absolutely adore it. I really love tracking my workouts on it, and I love that I can be hands free but still keep my email and phone with me at all times. This especially comes in handy when I’m trying to squeeze in riding my horses into my day. I can’t exactly be without my mobile office you know?

One thing I keep hearing from people is how can I track my steps? I know a lot of you have ditched your Fitbits in favor of the Apple Watch, but I agree it is a little more challenging to figure a few things out, namely step tracking.

Here’s exactly how you can track your steps using your Apple Watch!

First things first, set up the Health app on your iPhone

You can do a quick search for it on your iPhone to find it if you haven’t already set this up! I never did until I got my Apple Watch.

The Health app asks you for all your information, including your height, weight, and age in order to better take into account how many calories you’re burning for every step you take.

See? It starts tracking your steps for you!

Another thing you can do is select the Health Data icon at the bottom left corner and then go to Activity, then Steps. From there, you can add Steps to Favorites so it pops up in the top section of your Today screen, and it will show up at the top of the Health app when you open it.

Next, be sure to go to your Watch app on your iPhone

From there, scroll down to Health (it has the little heart next to it) and click into the arrow. Then hit Edit at the top right hand corner and enter in all your details. Now this should all sync together: the Health app to Activity app to the Workout app.

Finally, head to the Activity app on your Apple Watch

If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you will see your steps, distance, and even flights of stairs calculated for you!

If you want to have your steps show up on your Apple Watch’s face, here’s what you need to do

If you do want to have your steps show up on the face of your Apple Watch, you will need to download an app to do so. Some popular ones include:



HealthDash for Health App

Watch My Health

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