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15 Things You Can Do Today To Make Yourself Richer Tomorrow That Every Girl Should Know

You can never have too much money, am I right?

Style Shouldn’t Cost You

After working for years in the fashion industry, I learned a lot of high end designer clothing is made in the same factory as the off brand pieces. Mind blowing!

If it’s not made in the same factory, it’s generally made for a similar price right in China. There’s no reason you should splurge on a lot of your clothing or shoes, since it’s just a colossal waste of money. Style just shouldn’t cost you.

Forever 21 is my best kept secret and my absolute favorite place to shop. Most of their stuff is quite well made nowadays and they do carry a lot of pieces made in the US too. If it does fall apart or you get a stain on it, whatever it cost you next to nothing!

Other places you should check out are H&M, Zara, and even Amazon’s relatively new fashion section. I promise you, nobody will be able to tell the difference between their pieces and fashion that’s truly designer.

Take it from me, I’ve been fooling people in the fashion industry since I was 18. I can’t begin to keep track of the number of times people have taken a $20 dress of mine for something that cost $500 or more.

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