6 Amazon Prime Perks We Bet You Don’t Know About

One thing is certain and that is pretty much everyone’s undying love for Amazon. Whether it’s because of the deals, the selections, or just purely how convenient it is, people just keep buying. Perhaps the reason people love it so much is because of Amazon Prime. If you’re not familiar with Prime, which I can’t imagine is the case, it allows people to sign up for free two-day delivery on most items for just $99 a year.

You can order anything from a waffle maker to a 300-pound fridge, and it all qualifies for free shipping on Prime! There’s a lot more to Prime though than just free shipping, check out some of our favorite Prime perks that a lot of people don’t know about!

Get Deliveries The Same Day 

One of Prime’s best features is free two-day delivery. In some cities though, you can get same-day delivery. To add to the greatness sometimes, it’s even free!

Share With Others

One of the membership benefits with Prime is that it can be shared with two people! Basically, this means that you pay for one membership, but two people can get the benefits from it!

Watch Streaming Video 

If you’re anything like me, then you know that there are amazing shows you can stream online that you can’t see anywhere else. Lucky for you Amazon has the hook up for some of the best streaming services and TV shows. Prime Video doesn’t just have a bunch of old shows it’s filled a lot of new shows and some that are Amazon originals.

Listen to Music 

Being able to have free TV and movies picks is really nice, but what’s even better is free music. For Prime members, Amazon offers Amazon Prime Music. It has over 1 million songs to choose from, and the streaming is totally free!

Get Free Books and Magazines 

When Amazon first started, it did nothing but sell books. Eventually, it started to add to the site, but going back to basics, Amazon Prime members are able to get Amazon Prime Reading. This is a monthly collection of free eBook, and magazines, that Prime members have unlimited access to.

Store Your Photos and More 

This is probably one of best perks Amazon has to offer – if you have a lot of photos and videos on your laptop, phone, or tablet, the thought of losing them is totally nerve-wracking. Luckily for Prime members, Amazon offers unlimited storage for photos in their Cloud Drive. It also makes it easy if you want to print photos out to frame by using Amazon Prints.