FDA Recall: You May Want to Think Twice Before Buying These Dog Food Brands!

Written by Bre Avery and Caroline Carpenter

We always want the best for our pets, and usually we’re super trusting of the brands we buy to feed them. You expect the food you feed your best friend to be safe for them.To be healthy. To provide the proper nutrition. If you’re a pet owner like me and Bre, then you’ve done a lot of research of what kind of food is the best for your specific dog. It’s what any good dog owner does.

You’d never want to feed them something that wouldn’t sit right with them! However, sometimes no matter what we do on our end to keep our dogs happy and healthy, things can still go wrong. We’re talking recalls.

On Monday of this week, eight brands of dry dog food have been recalled by the FDA for containing toxic levels of vitamin D.

CBS reports that these are the affected brands: Nutrisca, Natural Life Pet Products, Sunshine Mills Inc, ANF Inc., Lidl (Orlando brand), Kroger, ELM Pet Foods Inc, and Ahold Delhaize.

If your dog is eating one of these brands, it’s time to switch ASAP. You don’t want any harm to come to your dog.

More importantly, if they’re developed any of the following symptoms it’s time to head to the vet’s office for some help:

  • Vomiting
  • Appetite loss
  • Increased urination
  • Excessive drooling
  • Weight loss

If you aren’t able to spot these symptoms soon enough, your dog is at the risk of kidney failure which will result in death.

The FDA said vets had received countless complaints about the dog foods. That’s when the FDA knew it was time to step in. They tested the dog food and determined it contained the toxic levels of vitamin D. It’s scary that this can happen in the first place, and it’s time to make sure you four legged best friend is not at risk.