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Best Of Times Review: This Portable Bar Is Going To Be Your Favorite Party Staple This Year!

I never even thought that portable bars existed before I heard of Best Of Times, and now that I have one of their portable bars I couldn’t imagine a party without it. If you didn’t have one waiting for you under your tree this year, you need to treat yourself this January and just get one because you’re missing out. Yes, it is that amazing, and you’re going to love using it all year ’round!

I spent the better part of 2018 trying to find the perfect bar to add to my home since I throw a lot of parties and have people over pretty much every weekend. My husband loves to mix cocktails and make new drinks, and so a bar is something our home desperately needs. Unfortunately, we hadn’t found one we loved and wanted to include in our home until Best Of Times sent me one of their portable bars.

My first impression when I unpackaged the bar was that everything is so well made. You can purchase a bar with an umbrella (which I did not include in this review, but I’ll do another one showcasing this amazing bar outdoors where I’ll put it up), and you can purchase bar stools that have covers too! Also, everything comes with sturdy black bags that you can put everything inside to carry with you. Best Of Times really thought of everything.

Not only is this portable bar complete with high quality materials, when you hold each piece in your hands as you assemble it, you can tell it’s just going to last and stand up to parties upon parties of use. Speaking of the assembly, I am notoriously slow at putting things together, even with directions, and I was completely astounded at how easy the Best Of Times portable bar is to put together.

A kindergartener could probably do it. You don’t need instructions, you don’t need a video, it’s truly that intuitive. It took me maybe 15 minutes to figure out and build. I endlessly appreciate how easy this is to put together, which really adds to the portable nature since it’s quick to build and quick to dismantle as well.

As soon as this portable bar was standing inside my kitchen, I was impressed. This is quite a chic bar. The ones I’ve seen online and in stores from other retailers are, well, not portable which I think is a huge highlight, and nothing I’ve found is as stylish and modern as the one Best Of Times makes. Seriously, just take a look at these photos.

Behind the bar, you have a ton of storage with the shelves. There is also a food-grade insulated cooler that slides right into one of the shelves, which is perfect for keeping champagne cold or keeping ice in there for all your drinks.

My entire family was wowed away by the Best Of Times portable bar when they came over to my house to celebrate the New Year! Needless to say, I’m also completely in love with the Best Of Times portable bar and my husband has insisted we leave it up in our kitchen for the whole year. There’s plenty of room for your friends and family to sit at the bar, and there’s plenty of room if they want to stand around it or behind it, too!

You can get a portable bar for yourself from Best Of Times here and it’s going to be your favorite party staple this year!

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