The Richest Celebrities Under 25-Years-Old & How They Got Their Fortunes At Such A Young Age

Most adults only dream of ever becoming millionaires. It’s hard to achieve that level of wealth, and it’s something you can work you entire life trying to achieve but never quite get there.

It’s also hard to image that there are people under 25-years-old that have that kind of money, but there are.

These are the richest celebrities under 25-years-old, and we’re going to take a look at how they got their fortunes at such a young age too.

Instagram; Dannielynn Birkhead shows off clothing in the photo above from a collaboration with Guess featuring her late mom Anna Nicole Smith

Remember the actress and model Anna Nicole Smith? Dannielynn Birkhead is her 12-year-old daughter that she had with Larry Birkhead, the photographer and actor.

Dannielynn is also a budding model like her mom was, and she is a reality tv show personality as well. She is best known for modeling for Guess.

Instagram; Dannielynn is pictured above wearing headphones while using her cellphone

Dannielynn was named as the sole heir of her mom’s estate in 2008.

Anna Nicole Smith’s estate was worth $10 million dollars at the time.

Dannielynn’s father Larry was hoping that she would be eligible to inherit over $49 million dollars from a lawsuit filed in her mom’s name.

Anna had been married to J. Howard Marshall II, an oil tycoon. After his death, he left his entire estate to his son and Anna got nothing. She filed a lawsuit saying she was entitled to some of his estate.

After a legal battle that lasted 20 long years, Federal Judge David O. Carter denied that request. Therefore, Dannielynn is not entitled to any of that money as her mom has passed, leaving her net worth at $10 million dollars. Larry is also worth $10 million dollars on his own, so she does stand to inherit money her father has on top of what she already is worth. Not bad at all though for only being 12-years-old.

Instagram; in the photo above, Blue Ivy poses with her superstar mom, Beyoncé

Blue Ivy Carter is the 7-year-old daughter of Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

She appeared on Jay-Z’s song “Glory” when she was just a baby. Granted, all she did was cry in the background on the track, but she got her start as a star early.

Now that she’s a little older and can use words, she recently got to rap on Jay-Z’s latest album, and she is definitely on her way to being as famous in the music world as her parents both are.

Instagram; Blue Ivy smiles in the above photo while holding a Happy Mother’s Day Balloon

Jay-Z and Beyoncé together have a combined net worth of $1.255 billion dollars.

Even though Blue Ivy has 2 siblings now, after having to share in the wealth of her parents, divide $1.255 billion three ways and she has $418 million dollars all on her own. That’s one incredible net worth.

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