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The 2019 Chip Chick Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Yes, it can be a little hard to find a present that is, well, good enough for Mom! If you share this sentiment don’t worry, I selected a variety of perfect presents below that are sure to be something your Mom will absolutely love. Happy Mother’s Day!

This is not your average blanket! Meet PediPocket, a blanket that was designed for those with cold feet in mind.

There’s a unique little pocket sewn in that is the perfect size for your feet so mom won’t have to worry about them coming out from under this blanket.

PediPocket is made of a super soft and luxurious fleece that feels just like velvet. I also adore that this one is leopard print. This is absolutely genius and one of my favorite products I’ve seen this year.

As you can tell, Lola loves it too so I’m going to have to buy her one just for herself!

Buy it here.

Swell Skin is a whole line of beauty products that really pack a punch. Formulated with natural and non-harmful ingredients, there is one very special key to the whole line: sea buckthorn seed oil.

Sea buckthorn seed oil helps to restore skin while keeping everything looking youthful and glowing.

After using it myself, I have to say I’m impressed with the whole line. Every mom can appreciate a knockout line of products like this to help her out in her daily routine.

Buy it here.

Teal Trunk is a company that makes some seriously amazing silicone scrubbers. Not only are the colors gorgeous, the design is pretty excellent too.

There’s a strap for mom to easily place her hand through and the neat fish scale pattern on the top is intentional to help get more scrubbing action.

Teal Trunk silicone scrubbers are free of BPA, toxins, and allergens and are made to resist bacteria. They’re also resistant to heat so mom can use this handy scrubber to pick up pots when cooking or taking bowls out of the microwave.

Way nicer than using a gross old sponge around the house!

Buy it here.

Madison & White makes pillow cases that are sure to make mom’s life easier. These satin pillowcases feel super soft and amazing, and they also help reduce tangles in kids’ hair!

Using a special fiber blend in their fabric, Madison & White has been able to create a pillowcase that causes hair to glide across, which means no mess in the morning.

Buy it here.

Anti-Aging Face Oil from Aniise is sure to be a hit with mom. This oil contains a blend of lightweight oils that absorb right into the face, so there’s no greasy residue left behind.

This also contains apricot oil and avocado oil, which are rich in antioxidants.

Buy it here.

Aside from making the best smelling candle I have ever encountered, Cadence Candle Co. is super interesting because every single candle that the founder Taelor creates is made with music in mind.

Each candle comes with a QR code that can be scanned to see the playlist to pair with it. How neat is that? Set the relaxation mood for mom and get her one of these!

Buy it here.

This Honeycomb Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser from GuruNanda is a great gift if mom loves essential oils.

What I really like about this diffuser is that it lights up! It goes through seven different colors while on, so there’s always a beautiful light show.

Mom won’t have to worry about it overheating, as it comes with an automatic shut-off feature already built in.

Buy it here.

Jewelry is always a win for a gift, especially when it’s handcrafted, sentimental, and made of precious gemstones.

Designer Szilvia Gogh clearly puts a lot of thought and attention into every piece she designs for her company called Gogh Jewelry Design.

This beautiful necklace is made of stunning rainbow tourmaline and features a sterling silver pendant that reminds mom to just breathe.

Buy it here.

CleverMade truly makes some of the most practical products around, and their Cardiff Backpack Cooler is no exception.

What mom is sure to enjoy about this cooler is the fact that she can put it on and be hands free! It’s also leakproof, can hold about 24 cans with room for ice, and keeps drinks nice and cold for hours of enjoyment.

If mom loves going to the beach or appreciates the great outdoors, this really is a perfect pick.

Buy it here.

Cloaked Box is brilliant, and I’ll tell you why. This clever solution to gift wrapping means that anything you buy for mom will be a breeze to put together beautifully.

These gift boxes come complete with tissue paper, cards, and bows, and all you need to do is assemble them with truly minimal effort. Move over wrapping paper!

Buy it here.

Elyptol is something every mom will use! Elyptol creates skin, hand, and surface hygiene products that are truly next level. Every product they make can be used in a professional healthcare setting, so you know it’s high level.

Eucalyptus oil is at the heart of everything in their line, and it’s a gentle and safe alternative to the ingredients other companies put in their products. They also ensure their ingredients are vegan and gluten free. The best part is nothing they make will dry out mom’s hands!

Buy it here.

Leaders Cosmetics makes a whole range of amazing face masks that mom will definitely appreciate for a spa night at home.

Their face masks help to treat dull and tired skin while also helping to improve elasticity.

Buy it here.

Hello, Life Around 2 Angels! This company makes absolutely incredible bath bombs that are not only so brightly and beautifully colored, but each one smells so fragrant and wonderful too!

Not to mention, they come in beautiful little boxes that are perfectly packaged together. Mom is definitely going to smile over this one!

Buy it here.

This SOMA Naturals sample set comes complete with a variety of some of their best selling products so mom can get to try a little bit of everything.

SOMA Naturals is dedicated to carrying high quality beauty products that don’t contain any harmful ingredients; all at a great price.

The nice part is this comes packaged in a cute little makeup bag!

Buy it here.

Emily McDowell & Friends creates some very unique cards that are also beautifully designed. These are definitely way more meaningful than what you’re going to find in the grocery store.

The one that says, “Happy Mother’s Day To My Greatest Teacher, My Best Friend, And My Cheapest Therapist” is definitely my favorite and so spot on!

Buy it here.

Native Deodorant makes deodorant that is completely free of parabens and aluminum, which are two problematic ingredients in regular deodorant.

This one is made with charcoal, and has a fresh smelling mineral kind of scent. This is a great choice if mom is trying to live a more natural life!

Buy it here.

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