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ECOVACS DEEBOT 600 Review: This Little Robot Is About To Be Your New Best Friend

If there’s one thing I really, well, hate…it’s cleaning my house. Specifically, I struggle with vacuuming because it’s just my least favorite activity. I would rather sit and watch paint dry.

When ECOVACS reached out to me asking if I would like to review their DEEBOT 600 robot vacuum cleaner, I have to say I was quite excited to get to test this out. This little robot is about to be your new best friend, and it’s certainly now mine!

ECOVACS has been in business for over 20 years, and they are truly dedicated to creating some stellar robots so you can get your free time back. They certainly nailed this with the DEEBOT 600!

My first impression of the DEEBOT 600 was that it’s certainly sleek and beautifully designed. It’s also so easy to set up. It comes with a little base station that you plug into an outlet, and it goes back to the base station when it’s done cleaning or when it needs to charge up. No help required! It knows just what to do.

Once you turn it on, the DEEBOT 600 has no problem navigating between all your furniture (or underneath it) no matter how narrow or awkward the space is. Just check out my video below to see how seamlessly this little robot navigates around your house.

I really love that the DEEBOT 600 can handle carpeting, hardwood floors, tile; you name it, the DEEBOT 600 transitions smoothly across all your household surfaces. It also capable avoids stairs!

You can also check out how well it switches from hardwood to carpeting in the video below!

I have to say, after I let the DEEBOT 600 clean my living room, I was pretty grossed out at all the things this little guy managed to pick up off my floors. I thought they were clean, but boy was I wrong. This really scoops every bit of grime, dirt, or dog hair right up.

It’s also very easy to pull out the little chamber that holds onto all your dirt and empty it. It’s definitely not this easy with your average vacuum cleaner.

The DEEBOT 600 comes with an app so you can monitor and control it from anywhere in your home. Another neat thing is that the DEEBOT 600 is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, so you can also use one of these smart home devices to help you control your new robot.

You can get it for yourself here!

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