26 Affordable Geeky Rings You Never Knew Existed

So, we’ve covered geeky rings of all sorts pretty comprehensively, but we’re realizing we’ve made a pretty grave mistake.

Just about all of the rings we’ve featured have been for the purpose of getting engaged, and look, some of us just aren’t about that married life.

For those of you who can put on a ring on it just fine by yourself, we’ve found a whole bunch of affordable geeky rings to help you celebrate the greatest love of all!

Lord of the Rings


World domination or marriage? Hmm….

ThinkGeek – $100

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  1. Yes Han and Leia are a good example. Just stick with the true canon and not Disney’s cheap imitations. A lot of things happened and there were mistakes but they always came out strong. Disney should be ashamed. Also ugh Phasma. How about a Luke/Mara one?

  2. I’d just like to point out that dragons have NOTHING to do with Wicca… and it’s not really something you dabble in. But the ring is pretty f-ing cool.

  3. For crap sake…put all the damn pictures on the same f-ing page and let us scroll. The adverts are the same any way! I didn’t even finish it was so annoying.