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If You Post Selfies With Your Pets, You Could Be Putting Yourself At Risk For Fraud

I’m sure you don’t stop and think twice before posting a selfie with your pet online, and it’s certainly never something that crossed my mind as a problem, but in doing this you could be putting yourself at risk for fraud.

Santander Bank has recently warned younger people that following trends set by celebrities such as oversharing your personal information online just makes it easier for someone to steal your information and use it to commit identity theft.

Santander Bank also did research and found that 1 in 10 millennials revealed that they post photos of their pets and share their names on social media, and they use their pet names as passwords for most of their online accounts.

Instagram; pictured above is a selfie Taylor Swift shared on social media with one of her cats

87% of the millennials Santander Bank polled also admitted to sharing very personal details online that could, in turn, be used against them.

78% said that they don’t really understand how to protect themselves in the first place from identity fraud.

Santander Bank has cautioned millennials that certain celebrities you might be following on social media are helping to set a bad example of oversharing personal information.

Things that don’t seem like a big deal to share such as pet names, birthdays of loved ones, and even your own birthday can absolutely be used to commit identity fraud.

Instagram; pictured above is another selfie Taylor Swift snapped with one of her cats and shared online

Other details like your mom’s maiden name, your middle name, your place of birth…those can be used against you too.

This is definitely a good reminder to make sure you think twice before sharing something online. I’m going to get right on changing all my passwords so they don’t contain my pet names!

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