26 Video Game Inspired Earrings For Gamer Girls

For many of us, video games bring back memories of summers and Saturday mornings past spent in imaginative worlds that we were ever so briefly a part of, or of the inevitable struggle to be player one with friends or siblings.

Or, they remind us of, like, a few hours ago.

Either way, you’re bound to love these 26 geeky video game earrings, which are inspired by a lot of classic video games, plus some new ones that are sure to become classics!

Pac-Man Earrings

Handmade pacman/ghost earrings image 0

How cool are these Pac-Man inspired earrings?

I love the rhinestones!

Shinedesignandshop – $35

Legend of Zelda Triforce Earrings

Legend of Zelda Gold Triforce Earrings Link Zelda Costume image 0

What looks like normal shiny gold earrings to some look like geek magic to others.

IJSY – $14.95

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