Health Blogger Exposes “Instagram Models” With Before & After Pictures

There’s a trend that’s been making internet rounds for several years now called Instagram versus reality, in an effort to remind people that it’s not always as good as it seems online.

It’s no secret that some social media users photoshop their photos to the point where they’re not recognizable offline, while others portray images that make you think their life is nothing but perfect, leaving you thinking about how much yours is not.

Sara Puhto is a body-positive blogger out there on the internet fighting the good fight and reminding people that sometimes, it just takes a different angle to make you look entirely different.

Sara creates side-by-side comparisons to bring to light how subtle changes are the only difference between looking flawless…or not so flawless.

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Instagram; Sara shows us how little it takes to get a perfect picture vs. a not so perfect shot

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