Dark Details Emerge When 2 Kids Go Missing And 4 Family Members Die After Mom Joins Cult

Lori Vallow is a 46-year-old mom and religious podcaster living in Rexburg, Idaho with her family.

She has 3 children: 23-year-old Colby Ryan, 17-year-old Tylee Ryan, and 7-year-old Joshua Vallow.

Strangely enough, Lori’s first two husbands died quite young and she is now on husband number three.

This mom of two joined a cult, two of her kids are missing, and the police are saying she is refusing to cooperate with them.

Buckle up for this story, because the details are dark and there are so many things that absolutely do not add up.

Rexburg Police Department; pictured above are Joshua (left) and Tylee (right) who are endangered and missing

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Let’s begin at the beginning.

Lori’s first husband was Joseph Anthony Ryan.

The two got married and had Colby and Tylee together.

Joseph died in 2018 of a heart attack. He was then cremated.

Lori then got married to her second husband; Charles Vallow.

Rexburg Police Department; pictured above Lori smiles

After tying the knot, Lori and Charles adopted their son Joshua in 2013, who is affectionately called JJ by friends and family members.

Kay Vallow Woodcock, Joshua’s grandma, took to Facebook to share details on him and what has happened on the next page.

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