You Can Thank Twitter For These Weird Dating Stories That Are Absolute Must-Reads

Ah, Twitter. It’s definitely one of my favorite social media platforms (if not the favorite one) because people really get into some interesting and entertaining discussions.

This one brought to you by user Postgrad_barty is no exception, and it relates to weird but true dating stories that are absolute must-reads.

Some are downright hysterical and some are completely cringeworthy. Check these out and let me know in the comments below what your weirdest ones are!

Twitter; Postgrad_barty started the thread by sharing her pretty funny and awkward dating story

“What’s the weirdest date you’ve been on??? I’ll go first we were going to see a movie and didn’t buy tickets in advance and couldn’t get two tickets next to each other so we ended up sitting on opposite sides of the theater and then the movie ended and we were like cool ok bye,” Postgrad_barty kicked off the thread by saying.

This girl narrowly avoided some guy who sounds like a serial killer.

“I met a guy on tinder one (1) time bc his dog was cute and we went to walk around the dog park.”

“He kept sending me snaps of his close up face with captions like “how cute am I 1-10)” ofc I ignored those. He then proceeded to call me a stuck up b**** and threatened to kill me and make my daughter watch me bleed out.”

“I told him off and then at the end of that, he asked me for $5 back for the cookie he bought me on our one (1) outing.”

“Then he asked if I wanted to see a movie with him. Never talked to him again.”

“Also, while on the date, he continuously touched my face with a comment about “how nice” my skin was.”

“And how my body was “nice for a mom” and my hips “were perfect for pregnancy.” To this day I think I escaped being a lampshade in his mom’s basement by a nose hair.”

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