Single Mom Leaves Town After Discovering She Will Give Birth To A Stillborn Son And Her Husband Is Furious

A single mom recently asked the internet for help with a very sad situation.

She discovered that she was going to give birth to a stillborn son, so she left town, but not before her husband left her for another woman.

Now, he’s furious with her, and here’s the whole story for you below.

“My husband left me for another woman before I found out I was pregnant,” she started out her post by saying.

“This was our first pregnancy together. We had been trying for a child so his sudden abandonment came as a shock to me.”

“I think he went along with the “trying for a baby” because that’s what he initially wanted. But he was also in love with this other woman.”

“He said that he was sorry for stringing me along. I found out I was pregnant days later.”

“I had no idea he was unhappy in our marriage.”

“He said that he loved me, but he wasn’t in love with me.”

“My pregnancy was really stressful and I didn’t handle it well. In the 8th month of my pregnancy, I found out that my baby died in my womb.”

She also mentioned in the comments of her post this about her husband, “He did check on me regularly though. He wasn’t a bad coparent throughout my pregnancy.”

“2 weeks later, I was induced and I gave birth to my stillborn son.”

“The idea of giving birth to my dead son with him by my side was uncomfortable. I didn’t want him near me.”

“Right around the time I found out about my baby’s death, I went MIA.”

“I left my home without informing anyone and went to live with my parents.”

“My baby is buried in my hometown and we had a small funeral for him.”

“I came back a month later and told my husband our son was dead.”

“He was angry at me and told me that he had a right to see his son’s face before he was buried.”

“This has been bothering me. Did I do something horrible?”

“I was so depressed I just didn’t want to stay back in the city all alone.”

She then asks if she’s a terrible person, “for not giving my husband the chance to see his son?”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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