Dad Asks The Internet What To Do After His 16-Year-Old Daughter Refused To Come To His Wedding To His New 21-Year-Old Wife Because He Cheated On Her Late Mom With Her

“I met her stepmom when I was in a dark place. She made me feel like I could be myself again. My wife made me feel unattractive and sexless and with my new wife, I felt alive.”

“Just the fact that she appreciated me and felt physical chemistry with me made me want to do anything for her, to want to provide for her.”

“That’s when I decided not to bullsh*t my wife anymore and file for divorce. Since then my daughter’s relatives from her mom’s side had been poisoning her against me.”

He added that his ex-wife has passed away from cancer almost 5 months ago at this point.

“Last weekend, when I and her stepmom went to the site of the wedding early we expected to see her drive to the wedding later.”

“But instead she ended up going to stay with her aunt. Everybody asked where she was and there was chaos from my side of the family locating her.”

“As punishment, I took her car and allowance away and have taken her phone away until I feel that she can learn to be respectful towards someone I very much love.”

“And that it will be impossible for her to do that if she keeps having to hear from her late mom’s side of the family.”

“My parents have called and said that I was being too harsh. However, even when things are tough, I feel I cannot let a child of mine believe they can just do whatever they want.”

People on the internet were very upset about how he handled things wife his deceased ex-wife, and the fact that his new wife is only 5-years-older than his daughter.

“So you cheated on your dying wife with a then 20-year-old girl who is nearly the same age as your daughter, filed for divorce after cheating and then marry her 4 MONTHS after her mother died? And to add insult to injury, you steal her sh*t because she resents you and this woman with good reason and she’s some property you can control? Dude. Read the signs.”

“New wife is probably a gold digger. He said she “made him want to provide for her”… like, what?”

“She might be a gold digger, but he opened the mine for her.”

“As a 22-year-old girl myself, I cannot believe that a grown adult man, 50 YEARS OLD, would EVER want to date a 21-year-old. It is, simply put, f***ing stupid. IDC how “mature for her age” she seems, a 21-year-old has completely different experiences, priorities, and interests than someone 30 years her senior. Its glaringly obvious that OP fell into the adulterer’s trap of putting their affair partner on a pedestal, failing to realize that they only have an outsider’s perspective of what a relationship with that person would actually be like. Cause, after all, if you’re having an affair, you aren’t exposed to any of the undesirable traits your SO may have that become apparent by living together/meeting families/raising children together. I gotta say, though, I’m excited for you to be 65 Y/O with a 35 Y/O wife that he knows is open to adultery, that should be fun…”

“My favorite part is how deeply offended he was that his late ex, who had cancer, was sickened by his cologne. I mean how dare she.”

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