Guy Needs Online Advice After Telling His Friend With Benefits To Get An Abortion: She Insists On Keeping The Baby, Despite Their Previous Conversation

“I’m pretty pissed off about this and I told her no, I won’t be in the child’s life because I’m not looking to be a dad right now, and unfortunately I will be anyways but I’ll pay my child support and that’ll be that.”

“She started to really get angry that I’d let her raise the kid alone and started insulting me saying that what sort of man would let his kid grow up without a father figure, and that I’m horrible for ‘speaking down to her’ by telling her I would only pay CS and not asking her if it was alright and other stuff (a moot point I feel, because it’s not exactly like she asked me whether it was okay to keep the fetus or not, not to say I expected her to).”

“She kept yelling and said ‘what an embarrassment you are allowing a child to not have a father’ and I feel bad but I replied with ‘don’t bother blaming me, you’re the one knowingly bringing a kid who won’t have a father into this world’.”

“She started crying and screaming and I then asked her to leave.”

“After all this went down I spoke to a close female friend about it to get another perspective and she lost her sh*t and said she didn’t want to associate with me over it, but I don’t feel like I’m the a** here.”

He also added, “It definitely wouldn’t be me purposefully ignoring my child to prove a point, I’m just not at a point in my life where I can be a good father and have other priorities that if I’m being honest need to come first at this point.”

One person said to him, “You had a previous discussion about it. As a woman, it’s her body and if she wants to keep it that’s completely her decision but (as a woman) I believe since we are allowed to opt-out of being a parent when pregnant, men should get the option to sign a contract or something stating that once you decide to not be in the kid’s life, that’s that.”

“That’s really unfair for someone to change on you like that – ESPECIALLY when it was discussed.”

“My sister got pregnant with a man who didn’t want to be a parent and she didn’t want an abortion – so she let him leave both of their lives forever without child support. She and my niece are doing amazingly now.”

Another person replied with, “Your post indicates that you were honest from the get-go. And it’s okay if the woman changes her mind, however, that doesn’t mean you HAVE to change yours.”

“She, however, is either delusional or something else. Best of luck to you!”

Someone else weighed in with, “REAL TALK: I was in your position once! 7 years later she got addicted to drugs and I found out our kid was living in a drug den. Lots of abuse, man.”

“Heartbreaking sh*t. Got my kid out of there. Now she lives with me and my 3 other children. I’m super glad that is the case.”

“Pay child support, OP, don’t burn your bridges with the child’s mom. That kid is going to need you someday – don’t make it too hard for them to get ahold of you. Don’t have that on your conscience when you die.”

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