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She Wore A Crop Top To Visit Her Best Friend Who Just Gave Birth, Made Her Cry Over It, And She’s In Need Of Internet Assistance

A woman recently hopped online to ask for internet assistance after she went to visit her best friend who just gave birth.

She wore a crop top and her best friend started crying over it.

Here’s the whole story for you below.

“One of my best friends (Hannah) had her daughter just about a week ago,” she started out her post by saying.

“I went to visit her, her husband and the baby at their house a few days after they got home from the hospital.”

“I brought some little gifts, got some cuddle time with the baby and chatted with Hannah for a few hours before heading home.”

“Later that evening I got a WhatsApp message from one of our other friends (Louise.) She had gone to visit Hannah a few hours after me and Hannah got really tearful saying that I was “rubbing it in” by wearing a crop top.”

“She was apparently really upset about it, she couldn’t stop crying and didn’t want to eat the dinner her husband had made.”

I was wearing a crop t-shirt and high-waisted leggings and I was sitting or her sofa the whole time, so there wasn’t even any skin visible.”

“My body type is average so there isn’t much to show off either.”

“I asked Louise if Hannah was really upset with me and she said that she’d have probably been hurt too; Louise has a toddler and she told me that wearing a crop top to see your friend that soon after having a baby is insensitive because it can be hard to adjust to your new body.”

“Hannah’s husband apparently had some choice words to say about me when he was comforting his wife (“what a sh*t thing to do/who does that?”) I know some of our other friends will have visited yesterday and I don’t know if the crop top thing came up.”

“It didn’t seem like a big deal to me, but it made Hannah cry so it’s obviously a big deal to her.”

“This was two days ago and I’ve had mixed feelings about it. I genuinely didn’t think anything of it when I got dressed – I have a bunch of cropped t-shirts.”

“But I also have plenty of tops that are longer too.”

“I remember when one of our other friends celebrated fitting back into her pre-pregnancy jeans and another friend who had her baby just a few months before jeans-friend ran to the toilet to cry.”

“So I’m wondering if I should have known how sensitive a subject this is for women who have given birth?”

“My friends all know that I’m not interested in having children, so maybe I should be more considerate to the cons of parenthood as I’ll never have to deal with them?”

“I really don’t know.”

“Our friend group consists of six of us; four have kids. The other friend with no kids is Hannah’s sister, so I’m worried that I will be seen as the bad guy by everyone.”

“Have I really screwed up? What can I do?”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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