This Orphaned African Zebra Was Luckily Rescued, But The People Caring For Him Have To Wear A Special Outfit For This Reason

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya was created in 1977. They’re one of the oldest organizations in Africa that does everything they can to preserve, protect, and conserve the amazing wildlife they have around them.

One of the animals they recently rescued is am orphaned baby zebra whose mom was sadly killed by a lion.

His story is now going viral on Facebook, and the people who care for him have to wear very special outfits for this reason!

“A herd of goats played their part in saving this baby zebra’s life,” The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust explained in a Facebook post.

“It is still a delicate time for this orphaned male zebra, who when only a few days old, if that, endured a near-death experience with lions, that sadly left him orphaned.”

“Herdsmen out with their goats on a ranch bordering Tsavo East were given a big fright when suddenly out of the bushes ran a zebra and her foal, chased by lions, all of which ran straight past them.”

“Watching on rather dismayed, they witnessed the lions catch and kill the mother, at which point the baby zebra turned on its hooves and instinctively ran into the nearest herd for shelter – that of the goats.”

“The herders, having sympathy for the infant’s plight, allowed him to walk with them and gave him some goats milk, before taking the foal to KWS rangers in the area.”

“Without his mother, and in need of protection and milk, KWS brought the foal to our Voi Reintegration Unit, where they felt he’d have the best chance at life.”

Facebook; the adorable orphaned baby zebra is pictured above

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