Woman Asks The Internet If She’s Justified In Kicking Her Father And His Very Pregnant Wife Out Of The House After They Forced Her Depressed 16-Year-Old Sister To Live With Her Aunt

This whole story just made me really sad for this woman and her sister.

She is asking the internet if she’s justified in kicking her father and his pregnant wife out of the house that she owns after they forced her depressed 16-year-old sister to live with her aunt.

Sounds fair to me and you’re going to agree when you hear about how horrible these people are to a 16-year-old.

“My mother passed away 3 years ago,” she started out her post by saying.

“The family home, where I and my sister grew up, was willed to me. It was her ancestral property, and she wanted her daughter to have it.”

“The other vacation home went to my 16-year-old sister.”

“Our father remarried 6 months after mom passed away and moved his new wife in.”

“My sister says that that woman has removed all of our family pictures from the main living area. She has removed our mom’s pictures as well.”

“Now all of these pictures adorn the walls of my sister’s room.”

“Recently our father and his wife announced that they were pregnant with twins. My sister didn’t take it well.”

“She’s still not over mom’s death and had a breakdown after the announcement.”

“The night of my sister’s 16th birthday party, she brought a lot of friends over and the party went on till the next morning.”

“My dad’s wife, who was out with our father on vacation returned the same morning and lost her cool when she saw the kids passed out in the living room.”

“Our dad knew about the party, they just got home earlier than expected.”

“His wife proceeded to lose her cool and had a big shouting match with my sister. She said that my sister was just like our mom and was a burden on our dad.”

“She then asked her to leave and sent her packing to our aunt’s.”

“I was furious when I got to know about it. I showed up home the next day and asked them to leave within a week.”

“She’s 7 months pregnant and had no idea that the house belonged to me.”

“I know I shouldn’t be kicking a pregnant woman out but I don’t want my spineless father and his wife to abuse my sister anymore.”

“My father called me a cruel brat and now wants to challenge our mom’s will.”

“He can try, my mom’s family has already appointed their family lawyer to fight my case.”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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