She Stabbed Her Ex 16 Times Before Cutting The Word ‘Boy’ Into Her Arm And Showing Up On A Stranger’s Doorstep, Saying She Had To Defend Herself

She was born with the name Monica Kay, and her mom gave birth to her at the tender age of 14. She lived in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She was creative, she was interesting, she was artistic. She was something of a free spirit.

She reinvented herself a lot; changing her name a couple of times. Her gender, too.

She eventually settled on the name Ezra Mccandless, and legally changed it, since she couldn’t stand the name her mom gave her. She chose Mccandless after Chris McCandless from “Into The Wild,” she would later explain at her trial.

And she was just 19-years-old when she ended up meeting a much older man in the summer of 2017; 33-year-old Jason Mengel.

Ezra and Jason dated for several months, even lived with each other, until Ezra started a secret relationship behind Jason’s back with a friend of theirs named Alex Woodworth.

Not only did Ezra’s relationship with Jason fall apart; her relationship with Alex did too, and she ended up without both of them in her life.

And then, it seemed Ezra became the victim of a crime.

Instagram; Ezra is pictured above with red lipstick

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