They Don’t Have Any Kids But His Wife Wants To Stop Working So She Can ‘Shop And Hang Out At Home’ And The Advice The Internet Has For Him Is To Run

So this whole situation just made me feel bad for this guy and I wonder if he really knew who he was marrying…

A husband recently asked for advice after saying that his wife wants to stop working so she can “shop and hang out at home.”

They don’t have any kids so she would literally be hanging out and shopping, just like she says she wants to do.

Understandably, the advice the internet has for him is to run now, and here’s the whole scoop for you.

“Some background: Ever since about a year ago, my wife has been complaining that she wants to stop working and stay at home full-time,” he starts out by explaining.

“When I’ve inquired about what she would do with all of her spare time since WE DO NOT HAVE KIDS, she never really gave me a straight answer.”

“She mentioned she mostly just wants to shop and hang out at home.”

Excuse me, what???

“Now, financially speaking, her leaving work wouldn’t really impact us that much as I take home around 150k and she takes home about 40k.”

“My paychecks are used for bills, savings, etc. and hers are used for fun, entertainment, travel, etc.”

“She’s been out of work for a couple of weeks now and has started telling me how she doesn’t want to go back and this is the start of her staying at home.”

“However, her being home 100% of the time has really shown me what it would be like if she were to be a stay at home wife.”

It’s not looking good…

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