Teenager Doesn’t Want Her Parents To Adopt A Kid With ‘A Lot Of Anxiety’ And Mental Issues And Needs The Internet’s Judgement If She’s In The Wrong

A 15-year-old girl says her parents are going to be adopting another teenage girl with “a lot of anxiety” and mental issues.

She’s asking the internet to tell her if she’s in the wrong on all of this, and here’s her story for you below.

After we get to the internet’s advice, she has an update on everything.

“I (15-year-old female) live with my parents (mid-40s) and my brother (9-year-old male),” she starts out by explaining.

“It’s always been a dream of my parents to adopt (me and bro are bio-kids) and they had come to the decision that they want to adopt an older kid.”

“They got matched with ‘Jess’ who is 13.”

“Due to the current situation, she is not living with us, but we’ve met before and she’s spent a weekend with us in January.”

“Jess, despite sometimes being sweet and kind, is very high maintenance and has a lot of anxiety and anger problems.”

“She can go from 0-1000 really quick.”

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