Wife Says She’s Refusing To Speak To A Friend That Tried To Convince Her Husband To Cheat But She’s Asking The Internet If The Silent Treatment Is Too Much

A wife recently found herself in a strange situation. She says she’s refusing to speak to one of her friends that tried to convince her husband to cheat…

…But now she’s wondering if the silent treatment she’s giving her is too much.

“For some background: my husband (31) and I (26) have been together for 7 years now,” she starts out by explaining.

“We have our first baby on the way. We’re thrilled. Now, we’ve had our issues, but have always worked them out. I’d say we’re happy.”

“Anyways, years ago, before we started dating, a family friend kissed him, he stopped it, and that was that.”

“I’ve never had an issue with this since he never tried to hide it from me and it was before we were together.”

“However, throughout the years, it’s become painfully obvious that she’s still very much infatuated with him (husband and I have noticed and shrugged it off since she’s mostly been okay about concerning herself with her own life, although it has been pretty cringey sometimes).”

“Also, I started considering her my own friend – husband and I became close with her on-again/ off-again husband too.”

“Now, over a month ago, my husband and I were having issues (we’ve fixed them), but I stupidly made the mistake of confiding in this family friend – she came to me a lot recently too, so I thought we were bonding.”

“I wish I hadn’t told her anything because I think it made her think she had an opening.”

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