19-Year-Old Catfishes Then Blackmails Her Best Friend Into Dating Her And Now He’s Asking The Internet How To Deal With Her While They Insist She’s A Psycho

A 20-year-old man was catfished by his 19-year-old best friend, but she didn’t stop there.

She then tried to blackmail him into dating her, and now he’s asking the internet how to deal with her safely, while everyone insists she’s a psycho.

“After a horrific break up several years ago, my friend “M” suggested I join a dating site and helped me set up my profile,” he started out by explaining.

“I thought it was really sweet of her to help me, as although I’m a very sociable and confident person…”

“I find it awkward to know how to present myself online.”

“About a week later, I match with this amazing woman called Natalia, and things go really quickly.”

“We exchanged numbers, but rather oddly there was never an opportunity to call her on the phone.”

“She was either busy at work, busy volunteering at care homes, or doing housework. I’ll admit, I was naïve to believe everything she said at first but at the time it all made sense.”

“The air of mystery around Natalia and the strong attention she gave me made me develop strong feelings for her.”

“We’d exchange revealing pictures, and eventually they turned into nudes.”

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