She Punched Her Mom In The Face While On Vacation And The Internet Is Insisting She Needs To Get Herself And Her Siblings Out Of There

“Still, I stayed with my boyfriend most of the time because my mom and I fight a lot, so the kids started telling me about what’s going on and how bad it’s getting.”

“I do sleep home some nights, so one night I tried talking to her about all of this and asked her to get help to stop drinking.”

“It turned into a huge argument and I left and we didn’t talk for a while until she told me she got on antidepressants and sleeping medication so she could stop drinking.”

“Everything was going really well for a while and I thought she was turning things around.”

“A few days before we left for vacation, I went to talk to her in her room and she was drunk.”

“I tried calmly talking to her about it and again, sh*t hit the fan & I decided to not go on vacation because we have gotten into an argument on every vacation since she became an alcoholic.”

“I talked to my boyfriend and my grandma, and 30 minutes before they left for the trip I decided to go to make sure the kids would be okay and thank god I did…”

“…Because she may have been on something and was not able to drive anymore so I drove for her.”

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