She Released Her Boyfriend’s Ant Farm Into The Wild After She Witnessed Him Torturing Them And The Internet Insists She Needs To Dump This Psycho

A young woman said she released her boyfriend’s ant farm into the wild after she witnessed him pretty much torturing them.

Now, she’s asking the internet for help while everyone insists this guy is a psycho and she needs to dump him.

“So my boyfriend has an ant farm, and I’m not sure how much he paid for them but the ants are also fancy, bigger than normal ones (I’m not sure the name of the breed though),” she started out by explaining.

“The ants creep me out and make me feel itchy watching them so I normally wouldn’t watch them or watch him interact with them when he gets one out the tank…”

“…But I and a friend were at his house watching a movie because he has a better tv than me, and he was in another room with the ants.”

“My friend went up to go to the bathroom and when she came back she said she’d seen him at his desk, so she had a peek at what he was doing.”

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