Internet Users Are Really Worried About Britney Spears And This Viral Post Might Make You Concerned About Her Too

Remember Britney’s breakdowns that started back in 2007? The most widely publicized one was when she went into a salon and shaved her entire head.

The following year, Britney ended up overdosing on amphetamines and was put on a psychiatric hold two times in the span of just a month.

Britney credited her high anxiety to what let to her dark times, and in an interview with Yediot Ahronot, she said, “From an early age I always felt that everyone was testing me. If (something) was not in place, it would have been enough to get me to this point of anxiety.”

“I could get overwhelmed by a lot of very small, disproportionate things.”

Directly addressing her breakdown, she explained, “I think I had to give myself more breaks through my career and take responsibility for my mental health. There were many decisions that were made for me and that I didn’t make myself.”

Did you know that after Britney went through all of this, a court appointed a lawyer and her father as the people in control of her money and life?

Well, it’s been that way for 12 years.

Now, internet users are really worried about Britney, mostly because she’s posting a lot of basically the same photos of her wearing the same clothes, and this viral post might make you concerned about her too.

Instagram; pictured above is one of the photos internet users have been concerned about

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