She’s Pretty Much Picking A Pyramid Scheme Over Her Marriage And Now Her Husband Is Asking The Internet How To Handle This

So, a wife is pretty much picking a pyramid scheme over her marriage and now her husband is asking the internet how to handle this one.

“My wife and I have this incredible love story that I can’t get too specific about but basically we spent years in this will-they-won’t-they-ugh-the-timing-is-always-wrong type of friendship that eventually became an actual marriage and we now have two young kids together,” he started out by saying.

“During the recent events of the world, she got laid off from her job but I was able to keep mine in a work-from-home role.”

“We really haven’t had any major issues in our marriage yet, and money is fine for our current lifestyle but she really wants to stop renting and actually own a home in the near future so that’s been our big goal.”

“Her losing her job kind of derailed that, as even with boosted unemployment it wasn’t as much as she had been making, and all of us being home more often had caused all utility bills to increase by quite a lot.”

“So income is strained but we are far from broke, just not able to make the jump to the next level.”

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