Teen Was On The Phone While Being Attacked And Her Mom Heard Her Being Killed On The Other End Of The Line

Baleigh Shae Bashaw was a 15-year-old girl living in Salt Lake City, Utah with her mom. Her dad sadly passed away from liver failure in 2014 at 47-years-old.

Baleigh was in 9th grade at West High School. She loved animals, photography, and being part of the drama club at school.

She worked very hard in school and out of school. Baleigh babysat local kids and also worked at Leatherby’s Family Creamery, a local spot that serves food and ice cream.

Baleigh dreamed of growing up to train service animals all of kind, but her life was gruesomely ended by a man that lived under the same roof as her for a time.

Facebook; Baleigh is pictured above

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