The Guy Who Used To Bully Her In High School Now Wants To Date Her But She’s Telling The Internet She’s Never Going To Forgive Him For What He Did

A 24-year-old woman says that the guy who used to relentlessly bully her in high school now wants to date her…

…But she’s telling the internet she will never forgive him for what he did to her. Now, she’s wondering if she’s in the wrong for feeling this way.

“Growing up, I was severely underweight and also had braces. I was not an attractive girl and was also very awkward,” she started out by explaining.

“But now I (24f) had a ‘glow up’, and I’m proud of myself. I am confident and love myself.”

“A few weeks ago, my high school bully(let’s call him Jack) sent me a dm on Instagram.”

Tofros.com via Pexels

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