Women On Twitter Are Talking About Times They Were In Danger And A Stranger Did Something To Protect Them

I’m sure almost every woman can relate to this…I know I can.

Not everyone is good. Not everyone has the best of intentions. There are people out there that actively might want to do you or another woman harm.

One young woman who goes by M sparked a major discussion on Twitter after she said, “If a girl suddenly acts as if she knows you in public and acts like you’re friends, go along w it she could be in danger.”

Women started talking about all the times they were in danger and a stranger did something to protect them, and it’s eye-opening, to say the least.

Here are some of their distressing stories. It’s worth a read because it might help you stay safe or help someone out one day.

Twitter; pictured above is M’s tweet that got other women weighing in on this important subject

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