3 Weeks Before She Graduated College, Her Roommate Found Her Lying Facedown On Her Bloody Bed

As a young woman in college, it’s difficult to navigate growing up, growing into yourself, and growing in love. College relationships can often be the first serious ones that you have, and that means you don’t always realize when things aren’t healthy or quite right.

It’s easy to miss the warning signs when you don’t really have a road map, and this is certainly the situation Yeardley found herself in when she met George Huguely V.

Yeardley played lacrosse for the women’s team at the University of Virginia and George played on the men’s team. Believe it or not, both teams interact quite a lot off the field, and there’s a strong culture surrounding both genders in the collegiate sport.

It was inevitable that Yeardley and George’s paths would cross, and they eventually ended up in a relationship. George was from a wealthy family and he was an attractive, confident, enchanting kind of guy.

He seemed pretty dreamy, and he caught the eye of a lot of girls on campus. Yeardley was very attracted to him, but as their relationship progressed, her feelings started to waver.

Yeardley and George spent two years together in what friends and teammates described as a tumultuous, hot and cold time. They were broken up, they were back together…the cycle repeated.

Yeardley started to realize that George had a drinking problem, and he was getting increasingly controlling and aggressive with her.

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