3 Weeks Before She Graduated College, Her Roommate Found Her Lying Facedown On Her Bloody Bed

In 2007, George was caught drinking while underage in Palm Beach and arrested for it. The very next year, he threatened and assaulted a female police officer to the point where she had to use a Taser on him.

George was then slapped with resisting arrest and public drunkenness for that. Not long after, Geoge’s own dad called the police on him following an argument aboard his yacht, but he did not end up being charged with anything.

In 2009, George allegedly assaulted a fellow college student that kissed Yeardley, and at the beginning of 2010, George choked a crying Yeardley at a party until several people intervened to get him off her. None of those incidents resulted in charges, as the police were never involved.

Yeardley ended up filling her mom in on what George had done to her that night, and even though her mom asked her to tell the police about it or file for a restraining order against him, Yeardley insisted she was ok.

As April came to a close, Yeardley found out that George had hooked up with someone else on campus, and Yeardley went over to his apartment (which was not far from hers). She ended up hitting George with her bag and leaving after confronting him.

She resolved to end things. After all, they were about to graduate and she was moving to New York for a job. She never had to see George again.

Following the blow-out, Yeardley sent a text message to George explaining she had also had a hookup of her own with another guy. In response, George typed out a series of emails on his Blackberry, one of which said, “I should have killed you.”

Yeardley typed back, saying it was messed up of him to even mention. She then told a few of her friends about the sinister email.

A week later, Yeardley did end up dead.

Facebook; Yeardley is pictured above (on the left) along with her sister

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